Thermo wood

June 21, 2017
June 21, 2017

Thermo wood

Thermo Wood is, in fact, the name of a wood processing process. Any kind of wood that is obtained with this process is not suitable for any kind of work. Often, those who work in this field do not have much in common.
It is interesting to know that, in spite of different species of trees that produce different thermos, there are generally two types of Thermo Wood.

Thermo D letter D is a symbol of the word Durability or durability.
Thermo S The letter S is a symbol of the word stability.
Usually the external option of a building is the Thermo D, according to international standards.

Benefits of Thermo Wood

-The wood that comes with this technology will last a long time.
-Its resistance to external factors, such as rain and sunlight, is very high.
-Due to the lack of gum and insects in the wood, Thermo Wood is completely resistant to insects.
– Due to a severe reduction in moisture and gum, the wood is lighter and easier to install, and its weight      is lower than the bottom.
-The wood color becomes darker in this way, the more beautiful it is.
-Due to the lack of chemicals, this wood is environmentally friendly.

Installation methods

Thermo wood  is installed in two ways:

– Install the screw from the front

– Installed with hidden connections

In both ways, the following steps should be followed for installation:

– stained wood

– Metal chassis execution

– Implementation of wood substructures

– Run the wood view

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