Four Seasons
May 20, 2017
Color stainless steel
May 20, 2017

Seven colors

With close collaboration with Beckers, the company produces seven color sheets with unique specifications.

Depending on the color of the material used in the sheet, the viewing angle, as well as the wavelength of the light on the surface of the sheets, the spectacle sheets will look different in a range of colors.

Due to the seemingly uplifting appearance of the seven-color premium panel, these panels have become increasingly popular in interior decoration and exterior.

The unpredictability of colors in this type of sheet brings to the viewer a special visual attraction that distinguishes the facade of the building from the other facade of the building. The Premium Bond is the only provider of seven-color sheets in pink-silver and blue-green spectra.


Exterior cover with 15 years warranty, interior cover with twenty years warranty, replacement of old paintings, window frames, headroom in stores, frames and doorways, columns, stands and exhibition stands, ceilings and partitions, kitchen utensils and Home appliances and ..

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