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May 14, 2017
May 20, 2017


P.V.D.F sheet is a composite sheet consisting of two aluminum layers around a thermosetting plastics core, which is the result of a continuous extrusion process. This new generation of technology, integrated with chemical and mechanical processes, produces The Premium Composite Bands have transformed the band into an exceptional process at this stage of the technology.

The outer aluminum surface is coated with a PVDF Kynar 500 PVFF coating and a substrate layer on the sheet with a protective paint coating to prevent corrosion.

These sheets have features like:

1: Very smooth surface – Highest color stability – High quality color with cover kynar500, Pvdf

2: High thermal insulation and 25DB sound insulation

3: High flexibility on Premium Sheets. The band enables designers and architects to create the best.

4: Resistant to atmospheric conditions and weather resistant and fire resistant due to the very low density of the core of the core, which is resistant to flame, and therefore the premium sheet of bonding is among the few fireproof composite sheets.

5: Resistant to tension and pressure

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