Composite sheets of interior facades
May 20, 2017
Fireproof Composite Sheets
May 20, 2017

U.V Sheets (Artificial Stone)

U.V Sheets (Artificial Stone)

Tazamani Sayyah Far Khandadash Co., with more than ten years of activity in construction materials in a targeted investment, have been importing a different product under the name Premium Uv for the first time in Iran. Given the modern challenges facing the world of modern building materials in the world and the growing trend of Iran in the construction industry and the need for this industry to be modernized and organized, the company uses experienced and experienced professionals to meet the needs. The Iranian market offers new ideas for interior and exterior decoration materials, which will be a step towards the growth of creativity in the modern Iranian architecture.

The colored decoration sheet is made of high quality UV fluorine, which is combined with special thermal insulation features. This work was carried out using low-pressure fiberglass cement (LCFC) or calcium silicate plate as an anti-UV carbon fiber flush layer.

Special features of the premium colored UV decoration panel

1- High quality color

2- Automatic cleaning

3- Compatible with different weather conditions

4- Long life

5-Environment friendly and low carbon

6.Thermal and fireproof insulation

7.Simple processing


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