Color stainless steel
May 20, 2017
U.V Sheets (Artificial Stone)
May 20, 2017

Composite sheets of interior facades

(Modern-class modern decoration sheets)
For the first time in the Middle East

All humans call for peace within themselves. Today, the importance of proper design of the interior of the home and the work environment, and its impact on increasing productivity and creating a sense of tranquility, is undeniable. The interior architecture plays a major role in the quality of the building’s space, in such a way that the layout and division of space, sex, and color of surfaces (floors, ceilings and walls), lighting, furniture and the set of other effective factors determining beauty and work Coming to interior spaces. Today, the effect of internal architecture on relaxation (set of neural norms), efficiency (in office spaces), effectiveness (in commercial spaces) seems very obvious.

On the other hand, internal architecture is very important in terms of psychological criteria. The level of security, intimacy, excitement and tranquility in a space can be exacerbated or undermined by appropriate solutions. It should be noted that each human being has certain mental and spiritual affiliations that are prioritized to meet their needs in internal architecture.
Every interior space, whether it’s work, leisure or living, has the ability to beautify; just how to use the principles and factors of proper organization, along with a little taste, to create the right conditions.

Making decorations in a limited space is one of the challenges that can be found in designing interior decorations of each section. The remarkable point is that following small patterns and rules can solve this problem. Using INTERIOR Premium Decoration Sheets, a mix of modern and classical designs and, of course, unique, with little or no expense, covers this vacuum.

The design of INTERIOR Premium Decoration with collectable band bands gives designers and architects an unparalleled range of designs and designs to allow architects to expand their imagination without any limitations and to access a unique architectural mix. This collection has other notable features such as high flexibility, light weight, washability, easy and quick installation, smooth surface and 15-year factory warranty and can add to the richness of an architectural work.

Ultimately, the interior of a place of residence, work or recreation can be an inexhaustible source of vitality and calm so that it creates a stylish and special atmosphere and the spirit of modernity is blown in.

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