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June 21, 2017
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August 13, 2017



Aluminum sunscreens or Louver:

The Louvre is a new generation of lighters that, in addition to preventing direct sunlight, helps to make the faces more beautiful, and can be produced in different sizes and can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Louvre components

The system consists of three main pieces that forms the Louvre complex by connecting it to the structure.
-The connection to the structure, called the sun, with teeth, makes it possible for the Louvre to be positioned from zero to zero, with an increase of 22.5 degrees to a maximum of 67.5 degrees.
-The beak which holds the main piece connects to the main piece with the teeth in the end part from one side to the sun and the other on the other.
-The sectional area that is located on the beaked piece and makes the whole view.

Methods of execution


This system is one of the most commonly used Louvre systems. Because of its simplicity and economicality and the possibility of direct installation on glass or composite sheet systems, it is more commonly used. In fixed installations, louvres or through holes embedded on their end cap are attached to the structure or attached to the holder by the base.


This system is unique for Louvros and Louvre with the same structure as a remote control or switch to customers.

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