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May 20, 2017
Four Seasons
May 20, 2017

Double polyester

Double polyester composite sheets consist of two oxidizing or corrosion resistant aluminum alloys that are located around the polyethylene core. The upper layer (plain colors) is coated with two-layer polyester painted coating, which results in longer sheet durability against different weather conditions and its use as the exterior of the building. Due to its sleek and superb color and other features, double polyester sheets have become more popular in global markets, which has been widely welcomed in urban billboards, metro stations and gas stations.

Some designers have come to focus on the project’s focus; other architects support high-quality products (which have led to international quality certifications), and others have come to the results of the Department of Research and The experiments are interested in.


Floor coverings and interior decoration with twenty years warranty, exterior appearance of eight to ten years warranties, frames and door frames, exhibitor stands, ceilings and partitions, heads and panels of stores, kitchen appliances and household appliances ..

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