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May 20, 2017
Composite sheets of interior facades
May 20, 2017

Color stainless steel

Corrosion resistance, lack of maintenance, mirror-like glare, has transformed steel sheets into an ideal product for use in many industries. There are more than fifty samples of stainless steel, of which 15 are very popular. Alloys of this sheet of products, such as coils, sheets, flat plates, and semiconductor tubes, are widely used in medical, industrial, and automobile construction equipment. The aerospace industry is widely used. Due to the antibacterial properties and corrosion resistance of the containers used for carrying food, it is also made of stainless steel.
Steam cleaned and sterilized, and the need for paint and other exterior coatings, has transformed stainless steel into an ideal material in the kitchen appliance industry. 316 alloy materials in jewelry because of the lack of oxidation or discoloration Application is abundant

Stainless Steel Premium Composite Bands is a panel sandwich structure following the common thermal composite system, which is a stainless steel shell as an outer layer of a sheet and an aluminum shell on the underside of the sheet and a very low density polyethylene as the core forming this Structure.

This type of composite sheets utilizes features such as endurance against erosion, non-use of protective coatings and a good mechanical combination, as well as overcoming defects such as stainless steel hardness and its high cost, the stainless steel composite sheet Has become a functional material in the building industry.
This product has all the characteristics of aluminum composite sheets, including light weight, a perfectly smooth surface, fast installation and easy plasticity, plus beauty and stainless steel resistance. Preparation and installation methods of stainless steel composite sheets are similar to aluminum composite sheets.


Covering the exterior with a 15-year warranty, covering the interior with twenty years of warranty, replacing old displays, window frames, store headers, frames and doorways, columns, stands and exhibition stands, ceilings and partitions.

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