U.V Sheets (Artificial Stone)
May 20, 2017
May 20, 2017

Fireproof Composite Sheets

FR Compressive Composite Sheets

new product

Composite sheets Fire Resistance The premium band is a new product, the middle layer of which is combined with non-flammable mineral core. These sheets have a very high fire resistance, approved by the BS 476-7: 1997 fire test, and have been awarded the standard by the IQS of England on 29/12/2013 to the IQS501048 registration number.

This product is made from an environmentally-friendly material that exhibits high endurance against fire heat and produces the least amount of gas during flares during fire.

The Premium Bond Factory is one of the leading factories in the field of planning, engineering, and production of architectural views and providing solutions for all interior decorations and metal architectural views. Consequently, a revolutionary novel in the FR composite sheet industry has been created and sheets FR with cover and features of NANO / SHINING / HIGH GLOSS (Dust and Humidity, Superior Brilliance and Brilliance) – D-PE (DOPPESTER) -SPECIAL (special designs such as mirrors, stones, wood. And …) to the market.

Considering that the building market in Iran needs goods with special characteristics and responding to the needs and imagination of architects, in addition to creating amazing designs and building buildings, there is more security for the residents inside the building, Premium Composite Sheets The band has greatly transformed these dreams into reality because it has taken a far greater step in the FR composite sheet industry compared to the world’s leading brands, especially because of the combination of NANO / SHINING / HIGH GLOSS features with a fire-retardant FR feature.

Given the fact that smoke from fire in the building is causing damage to the inhabitants, the need to use fireproof sheets is becoming more and more important. Projects such as the interior view of Tabriz Metro Station, Karun 4 Dam, Mashhad Sky 2 Building, Mashhad Tower, Metro Mashhad, Bank of the Central People of Bushehr and …… are among the places that have paid much attention to this issue.


Covering the exterior with a 15-year warranty, covering the interior with twenty years of warranty, replacing old displays, window frames, door frames, frames and doorways, columns, stands and exhibition stands, ceilings and partitions … ..

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