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May 20, 2017
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May 20, 2017

Pvdf / Nano / Shining / Glass

Combining New Technology With Nanotechnology’s Traditional Production Technology, Saifar-Khandas Associates develops and develops Nano / Shining / High Gloss aluminum composite aluminum composite sheets, this new generation of aluminum composite sheets has the ability to make PVDF coating Combined with a micro or nanoscale structure, the result is a super-dusty and moisture-proof sheet with unique blend of luminance.

In some projects, silicon seals are used, which, over long periods of time, create a black spots due to rain drops that make it difficult to clean, after which it strongly affects the appearance of the face.
Nano composite sheets have already solved this problem. This superior technology allows dust particles to remain in the air on the surface of the sheet, as well as to clean the surface of the sheet with rain drops, and the glossy surface of the composite sheet is re-exposed. As a result, the cost of cleaning the faces is saved. The outer surface of the nanosized composite sheet, the shining, and the premium glass fiber band, with superior nanoscale technology, have a higher gloss and luminosity than conventional P.V.D.F / NANO sheets.

These sheets also have excellent properties such as proper strength, fire resistance, various colors, etc. Due to the presence of a nano-colored layer, they also have unique properties such as long-term cleanliness, acid and alkali resistance.

This superior technology brings brilliant glitter and brilliance along with a metallic surface for these products, which brings with it a special flavor to the project view, thanks to its slippery surface (like the lotus leaf area) Which has been welcomed by many prominent designers and architects.

The Premium Bond Company has been adding to the industry by utilizing the nanosecond industry in the present era and has increased its productivity. Nanotechnology has revolutionized the aluminum composite sheet industry, which has become a welcome news for all craftsmen and architects. Because they know that economical and profitable economics are the first consequence of a proper and standard building look, and that is why it is cost savings.


Exterior cover with a 15-year warranty, especially for rainy areas, desert areas due to the presence of dusty particles and wet areas,

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