May 20, 2017
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May 20, 2017

Special designs


Special Composite Sheets Special Band includes all the known advantages of the Premium Premium Brand, they have light, flexible and high tensile strength. Architects and designers appreciate the great designs of these products.
Composite sheets offer woody designs, aesthetics and woody strength in most anti-erosion, anti-rotary, insect-resistant panels in a variety of forms. Composite composite sheets of Premium Premium bands are produced during the complex process of carbon-carbon color technology, which enjoys all the other advantages of aluminum composite sheets of premium bonded bands.

Aluminum Composite Sheets The stone design combines the natural beauty of the common types of precious stones with the unique properties of aluminum composite sheets and creates a distinctive appearance in the exterior and interior decoration.
Since these sheets are inorganic, unlike natural materials such as rocks and wood, they are not affected by the sun’s ultraviolet radiation and after a few years they will not be affected by color or fading.
The premium stone bands, natural beauty combine various types of rocks with the characteristics of composite sheets and create the architectural design of the projects.
Stone designs and wood designs can be produced on a large scale and are a good alternative to old wood and stone facades.
Special Premium Bands, a vast collection of rock and wood designs, unique colored mirror designs, eye-catching colorful designs, and stainless steel and seven-color sheets.


Exterior cover with 15 years warranty, interior cover with twenty years warranty, replacement of old paintings, window frames, headroom in stores, frames and doorways, columns, stands and exhibition stands, ceilings and partitions, kitchen utensils and Household appliances

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