May 20, 2017
Special designs
May 20, 2017


Pvdf / Nano

Premium composite sheets consist of two layers of aluminum that extends around a thermosetting core during continuous extrusion operations.
The outer surface of aluminum in this type of sheet is in addition to the coating of carbon fluoride, PVDF and Kinara 500 from a macro or nano coating and the surface of the underlayer of the sheet is protected by a protective paint film (chromate and polyester) to prevent corrosion or oxidation of the coating given ,

This new generation of technology that utilizes chemical and mechanical processes has made the Premium Composite Bond Sheets an exceptional process at this stage of the technology, because in addition to having all the features and advantages of ordinary PVDF sheets, the distinctive features The other, including the lack of absorption of dust and cleanliness and easy washing of sheets, has created distinctive features relative to brands in the global markets, which, in addition to economical and profitable economics, is a dramatic development in the sheet industry Made of aluminum composite


Exterior cover with 15 years warranty, interior cover with twenty years warranty, replacement of old paintings, window frames, headroom in stores, frames and doors of houses, columns, stands and exhibition stands, roof and partitioning

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