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June 21, 2017
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The view of the spider is a kind of modern glass view, in which the glass is connected to the structure by point connections.

The main application of the spider’s view is in commercial and office buildings, and there are no vertical and horizontal structures on the glass pane. In general, the spindle view has a variety of structural systems, including metal structures, cable and glass, which are used according to building, loading and cost.

The spider view consists of the following components:

1. large-sized glass that is completely secured by various techniques of laminate and security.

2 . Spindle joints and fasteners, all of which are used to connect the structure to the glass.

3. Structures and braces calculated to form the main skeleton of the facade and designed with regard to internal pressures such as wind, earthquake and weight, the height of the facade glass.

4. Fill the gap between the glasses (steel strips and glue that cause the sealing faces).

Spider View Features:

Seismicity Ductility Decorative cover of exterior

Interior decoration cover (partitions) Use of the world’s best technology to produce the tools

Ability to integrate with other views Run fast and easy

High precision horizontal and vertical lines (seamless glasses)

Types of executive practices Spider with spider truss and spider pipe.
In both systems, the retaining structure is made of steel pipes or steel sections with different diameters and thicknesses, which are selected according to the amount of dead and live loads entering the structure.

Glass fitting spider

Instead of a steel structure, the system uses a glass structure (with a structure of two or more layers of laminate glass) that is tasked with bearing forces.
This way the glass blade is perpendicular to the screen behind the pane and the spider plates are laid on two sides of the glass structure and fixed with the steel screw, and at the bottom of the glass there are the same sets and rotilles in place.

Spider with cable truss
In this system, instead of using metal or glass profiles to restrain and transfer the gravity and side of the glass, special cables are used.
These cables are cross-linked. Another difference is that the spider connector is different, so that it can withstand interrupted cables. In addition, in this type of spindle, tensing rob is often used to fix the cables.

Clamp / x spider (clamp)

It can include a combination of cable spindle or truss methods, the main difference being the type of collar used.
The clamping pieces are a cross-shaped piece of glass that holds the glass and X-pieces are pieces that are either X-shaped or etched in English and are attached to the spindle with screws embedded in the glass.

Spider with Space Frame

The combination of spatial structure and spider view refers to the role of the structure of the facade on the spatial structure, which is located in the place of the spindle bundles with a steel knot and the spider’s face is applied to these metal skeins.One of its applications is the precise execution of spherical and multi-arched surfaces, roofing glasses, and so on.

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