curtain wall

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May 20, 2017
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June 21, 2017

curtain wall

curtain wall is made up of aluminum profiles as the main constituent of the preservative and a filler material such as glass, sheet, or spandrel, and is thus referred to as a glass-shaped, lightweight, all-aluminum stroke.

Methods of implementation

The Curtain Wall Panel is produced in a variety of ways, which can be identified with its two main groups, the Unity System and the Lamé system. It is noteworthy that in most parts of the world, the system is known as the Stick System.

Curtin Wall Types

The Lamel Curtain Wall View can be categorized in terms of the appearance of the glass frame to the two general classes of frameless and facebook.


The frameless system has a framed frame that framed behind the glass and held on a slider with aluminum movable dummy, and from outside only the seams between the glasses can be seen in both u-channel and full-flashing Frameless) is applicable.

Face cap

In the face cap system, there is no aluminum frame around the glass and the glass is placed directly on the Curtain Wall (Lamel) aluminum structure, and a retaining or holding profile that is screwed onto the base of the lamella keeps the glass and prevents its overturning and the facade It is also very waterproof and waterproof. There are also various covers installed on this holder.

Curtain Wall glass features:

    High strength

    Aluminum structure

    Sealing and airborne

    Eye-catching face

    Modern and up-to-date

    Resistant to tension and seismicity of the building

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